is a relatively new brand on the market founded in the late 2011. The name, similarly like many others e.x. D’Agostino , Levinson, Weiss or Lindberg was derived from the name of its owner Pawel Zontek – main designer and author of all projects branded as such.. Extensive experience in the audio industry had been gained during a long time engagement in car audio market. With a great dedication , we have been exploring the world of physics behind the quality

sound and learning by experience how to fight  back unwanted, improve quality and apply only the best individual solution whenever situation demands. The extraordinary ingenuity , consistency and knowledge have allowed us to climb to the heights in the fields we kept researching. We won numerous trophies in most important competitions and events. Among them most important title of National Champion in competition car audio with 2001 - probably the only one in Poland.

As you can guess the great deal of this know -   how knowledge applies to the world of analogue playback as well.

I always liked purity of the vinyl playback and the beautiful appearance of classic Micro Seiki machines so when the great revival of vinyl became the fact, as always, without any compromises I immediately jumped into the pond with a great desire to realise my ideas. I put a massive amount of work into that project and my wish was only to make it best I can, regardless the price. Knowledge of precious exotic wood species and a passion for metalwork and art photography only helped in the implementation of the projects presented here and education in the field of precision engineering has ensured their performance at the highest level . This is how Zontek became a Turntable. You are most Welcome to Enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy building my decks  ;)